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our story.

The NOLA Food Project was created by New Orleans Native, Chef, Entrepreneur, & Philanthropist duo: Jayce C. Poree Jr. (pictured left) and Desmond D. Peterson (pictured right). Good friends since graduating High School in 2007 (McDonogh 35 Sr. High). Almost a decade later, the two have joined forces to, “take the city by storm..”

Founded in 2015, The NOLA Food Project started as an seemingly outlandish idea. The Idea was that, with all of the experience and knowledge gained from the many different institutions and tutors over the past decade or so, a sort of hybrid operation could be developed. An operation that would release an undeniably unique and delectable burst of flavour and youth onto the New Orleans Culinary and Hospitality scene. This ‘Flavour’ would not only be appeasing to the palette, but to the mind and soul as well.

That idea, or operation rather, has since manifested into a pretty well oiled machine. Still In the growing stages, The NOLA Food Project currently employs and trains local youth and young adults, in all aspects of the Hospitality Industry. This is done in an effort to provide a sense of ownership as well as a glimpse into the running of a small, yet growing business. “It’s the way of The Wisdom. We have an obligation to at least leave a footstool or a even stepladder behind if we’re able.” - Founder J. Poree
This essentially creates a constant culmination of ideas, experiences, and hopefully passion, to be disbursed and distributed throughout the next generation.

Aside from embracing and employing the youth and being the source of arguably, the BEST FOOD IN New Orleans, The NOLA Food Project is also responsible for and capable of Full Service on/off-site Catering and Culinary Operations Management. Currently holding the position of Executive Chef(s) at a renowned event space in the CBD, as well as running the day-to-day operations of The Wisdom Reception Center and Taste Lounge (upcoming cafe/lounge). “Our roots are planted deep into the heart of the city. We’re now in the process of extending our branches..” - Founder D. Peterson